March 31, 2015

MSC 4010

MSC 4010: Modules in Translational Research

Current Offerings HERE!

Students will be able to customize their learning experience, by assembling a selection of 8 modular short courses Students will be required to pick course modules. Each course module involves ~ 8-12 hr of contact time. Completion of 8 modules will qualify for 2 FCE. Students will choose modules in consultation with the course director to explore personal interests or contribute knowledge towards their capstone trajectory.

Typical Module

  • Grading is pass / fail;
  • 10 – 12 contact hours;
  • More than one absence constitutes an incomplete;

Existing and planned Module List.  Please note that not every module will be offered every year.  *Module list will be updated and developed based on need and demand. All new modules will be reviewed and approved through the IMS curriculum committee.


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