MSC 4010E: Modules in Translational Research

This course is intended to customize the learning experience by allowing students to delve deeper into areas of interest or topics mentioned in MSC 1000Y TR Foundations.

Learning Objectives:

Each module has its own specific learning objectives and overall this course allows students to demonstrate the ability to make decisions about their own learning priorities.

Course Description:

This course is designed to allow students to customize 25% of their learning experience by selecting 8 modules toward their program requirements from a list of TRP modules and modules offered by IMS and other departments.  Students may choose modules in consultation with the course director to explore personal interests or contribute knowledge towards their capstone trajectory.  Modules must be approved by a graduate-level curriculum committee to be considered appropriate to meet the requirements for this course.


Each module involves a minimum of 10-12 hr of contact time.  Module structure may vary greatly from 4 weekly 3hr sessions to two 5 hr consecutive ‘boot-camp’ weekend sessions.  Students are awarded module credit based on specific criteria outlined in pre-approved module syllabi.  Students may also ‘design’ their own modules within the format outlined in the Student Work And Research Module description.

“Module list” will be updated and developed based on need and demand. All new modules will be reviewed and approved by the IMS curriculum committee.  Please note that not every module will be offered every year.


Current TRP module offerings include:

  • Intellectual Property foundations in Biotech
  • Intellectual Property Licences Agreements, and Contracts in Biotech
  • Health Economics
  • Project management
  • Translational Thinking
  • Scientific Writing and Student Work and Research Module
  • Policy, Privacy and Regulatory
  • Leadership and Team Management
  • Student Work And Research Module
  • Knowledge Translational and the community

Students may also take modules from IMS and other participating academic graduate units to complement their educational experience.

Teaching Team:

Gabriella Chan, PhD, JD

Course Director, MSC 4010



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