March 31, 2015

MSC 4010

MSC 4010: Modules in Translational Research

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Students will be able to customize their learning experience, by assembling a selection of 8 modular short courses from 3 core domains: A) Wet lab Research   B) Clinical and Population-based Research and C) Knowledge Translation, Development and Commercialization, including ethical issues in translational research. Students will be required to pick course modules from all 3 research domains. Each course module involves ~ 8-12 hr of contact time. Completion of 8 modules will qualify for 2 FCE. Students will choose modules in consultation with the course director to explore personal interests or contribute knowledge towards their capstone trajectory.

Typical Module

  • Grading is pass / fail;
  • 10 – 12 contact hours;
  • More than one absence constitutes an incomplete;

Existing and planned Module List.  Please note that not every module will be offered every year.  Please check the 2015/16 offerings and schedule

Wet Lab Research Clinical & Population-based Research Knowledge Translation, Development & Commercialization
Recommended Clinical Trials

Clinical Insights for Non-Clinicians

Clinical Epidemiology

Intellectual Property parts 1 & 2

Biomedical Innovation and the Regulatory Environment

Entrepreneurship 101

General Preclinical Animal Models

Protein Mass Spectrometry

Microarray Technology in Research and Diagnosis

Imaging with MRI, PET, MEG

Qualitative Research Methods

Clinical Trials

Clinical Epidemiology (On-line Version)

Introduction to Global Health

Ophthalmology & Vision Sciences

History of Psychiatry


Knowledge Translation and policy outcomes

Becoming a Better Editor of your work

Under Development Introduction to the wet laboratory

Tissue Banking


Drug Repurposing and Screening

Pharmacogenetics & Pharmacogenomics

Neurodegenerative Diseases

Consciousness: An Exploration of Current Concepts and Questions

Visual Communications

Health Science by Design

Ethical Issues in Translational Medicine

Biomedical Innovation & the Regulatory Environment

Understanding a Market Niche

Mapping Research Scholarship

*Module list will be updated and developed based on need and demand. All new modules will be reviewed and approved through the IMS curriculum committee.


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