MSC 2021Y: Capstone Preparation

This course is intended to provide students with the tools necessary to complete the capstone project.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this course students should be able to:

    • Apply the Translational Thinking framework and developed a methodology and plan for activities to undertake in the project
    • Articulate how to identify, design and plan a capstone project to meet the requirements for the 2nd year course MSC4000
    • Demonstrate an understanding of various design methodologies relevant to health care
    • Demonstrate the ability to work with an external stakeholder to address ‘their’ needs.
  • Course Description:

    In this course, students will practice their skills, using tools learned in the program on a real translational project working with a partner client. Students will apply the Translational Thinking framework to improving their understanding of the relationship between research and practice and develop a deeper understanding of the challenges, needs and barriers relevant to the partner client. They will conduct research including environmental scans, market research, and primary qualitative and quantitative research to explore the problem space. Students will practice their acquired design skills engaging in user-centred design research exercises and idea generation exercises to working with client representatives on their real challenges. Students will develop their own artifacts of typical translational research projects, focusing on tools and techniques with an opportunity to network and pitch their methods and ideas. In addition, students will work in teams, developing project management, facilitation and communications skills fundamental to their 2nd-year capstone project.


    The class will meet weekly, typically for three(3) hours, during which there will be a mix of:

    • lectures,
    • seminars,
    • workshops,
    • panels, and
    • other activities (including partner site visits and case studies).

    Teaching Team:



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