Mentors in Residence Program

Mentor in Residence (MiR) Program

Current MiR’s

Dr. Peter Lewis

Title: Professor

Position: Former Associate Vice-President, Research and Innovatio...

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Frances Silverman, BSC, MSc, PhD

Title: Associate Professor Emerita

Position: Scientist at the Keenan Research Centre, Li Ka Shing Kn...

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Lee Errett, MD, FRCS

Title: Surgeon, Professor of Global Surgery

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Sandy Schwenger

Title: CEO m-Health Solutions Inc.

Position: CEO

Company: m-Health Solutions/ PatientCare Solutions

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The TRP is working to establish the Mentor-in-Residence Program to assist students in the TRP program achieve their learning objectives; get feedback and support on their Capstone project ideas; and receive mentorship on career planning.  Concurrently the program is envisioned to promote translational research and community building by leveraging active translators, existing networks and translational projects.  The main goals of the program are to:

  • Provide experienced Translators the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise by providing guidance and feedback to a new generation;
  • Provide mid-career Translators the opportunity to access TRP networks, resources and community to simultaneously continue their own work and engaging with more junior trainees in the program;
  • Provide TRP students with extended access to established domain experts and active researchers, industry or government experts for feedback and direction on projects and career trajectories; and
  • Synergistically augment the networks and resources of mentors, students and faculty associated with the TRP for the advancement of TR through community building.

Current priority areas include:

  • Discovery & Clinical Research;
  • Government, Policy and Regulation
  • Industry & Commercialization
  • Financing, Law & Management
  • Bio-Medical Entrepreneurship

Benefits For mentors 

The Mentor-in-Residence Program provides accomplished researchers; clinicians; and industry and government leaders the opportunity to:

  • Contribute to building a Translational Research community;
  • Provide feedback on project ideas;
  • Contribute to development of future talent;
  • Access TRP and IMS faculty networks and resources;
  • Share knowledge and experience; 
  • Support Translational Research and Innovation;
  • APPLY for a  Research Assistant (upto 150hrs).

For Mentees

The Mentor-in-Residence Program provides TRP students with the opportunity to:

  • Ask for feedback on projects and ideas;
  • Receive personal or professional career advice;
  • Tap into extended networks;
  • Receive feedback on implementation and execution plans;
  • Gain perspectives and solutions for challenges or problems;
  • Build relationships with accomplished professionals.


Join the MiR Program

As the program becomes established the TRP will accept applications for the MiR program and Prospective mentors will be asked to apply online and required to submit a:

  1. Cover Letter including:
    1. Introduction
    2. Statement of interest or Current Project abstract
    3. Preferred dates of residence
    4. Three suggested topics for a public and/or academic lecture
  2. Curriculum Vitae


If you are interested in being considered as a MiR, write us at:

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