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Research Interests

Research Focus

3D printing, Medical Education, Medical Simulation



BSc Honours Biology, University of Waterloo1998-2003

Medical Degree

Family Medicine Residency Program, Queens University 2007-2013MD


University of Western Ontario 2003-2007


Project Title

Perineal Model with 4th Degree Tear for Obstetrics Resident Training

Project Description

 Perineal laceration repair is a common procedure performed by obstetricians, because up to 65% of vaginal deliveries are complicated by some form of laceration or episiotomy, however 3rd and 4th degree lacerations are rare events and often residents do not get adequet training for these situations. Furthermore 4tth degree lacerations are serious events which can lead to long term complications.
Residents who have undergone simulation based training are known to have an improved performance.  Since there is no existing model for 4th degree perineal tears, this project plans on using 3D printing to generate models for which residents can practice on, which would be more accessible and biologically safer than using cadavers. This research hopes to initiate a novel way to educate obstetric residents on rare events, which can be applied to a wide range of medical education programs, and comparisons between training on 3D printed models versus low fidelity models will be compared with actual medical residents in the coming year.

Team Members

Michelle Rabie



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