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Advances in genetic medicine hold huge promise as powerful means of analyses geared towards the precision medicine model of patient care.

My interests lie in investigating the translation of this knowledge as it is presented to individuals outside of the scientific/ research community.

Increasingly, DNA jargon is thrown into eye-catching media headlines. Celebrity advocates for genetic testing and terms such as “designer babies” put a glamorous spin on what I believe is a largely unrealistic portrayal of genetic science to the general public.



BSc Hons. Biological Science & Molecular Genetics – University of Guelph


Project Title

PATH (Prospective Assessment of Translation in Health care) in regen. med.

Project Description

This capstone project will address an existing problem as it pertains to the Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine (OIRM). The OIRM is a government funded agency comprised of scientific, clinical, industry and business leaders with a collective goal to translate stem cell therapies in clinical trials to precision treatment for patients with degenerative diseases. In evaluating research groups that apply for funding under the OIRM’s Disease Team program, there is a need to assess the proposed impact and translational scope of these proposals and communicate this assessment in a more structured, measurable way. We plan to co-create a solution that addresses this identified need with input from OIRM personnel and patient representatives.

Our research will have three key benefits:

It will give the OIRM board a more structured means of appraising translational scope and conveying this assessment to the research team.
This quantitative feedback will be valuable to researchers by prospectively identifying translational barriers their individual projects will face, encouraging them to plan ahead.
The OIRM could use these quantitative evaluations of translation to influence funding decisions in the long term.

Team Members

Vaishnavi Batmanabane



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