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Research Interests

Research Focus

Mental Illness, Bipolar Disorder, Biotechnology



Honours Bachelor of Science (2011-2015)


HBX CORe certification from Harvard Business School (2015)


Project Title

Timely Project – Providing U of T students with timely access to professional mental health support

Project Description

Mental health conditions are rising each year in post-secondary students in Canada and Ontario. Specifically at The University of Toronto there are 10-15% more students each year requiring assistance with emotional experiences related to stress and anxiety at their Health & Wellness center, yet the wait times for access to mental health resources are often lengthy.
However the needs for each individual patient depend on a cadre of variables, and “lengthy” wait times for certain individuals may not be lengthy for others making this issue complex. To tackle this issue, this project hopes to get a better understanding of patient needs by conducting focus groups with users as well as by analyzing the current system in place by interacting with stakeholders. Overall this project hopes to provide the Health and Wellness services at U of T with a deeper understanding of patient issues which will eventually lead to a reduced burden on the health care system as well as improving access to students who have mental health needs, and who knows this could even be a friend of yours.

Team Members

Gurpreet Kamboj, Cheryl Tsui, Jung Ye (Lily), & Tiffanie Kei

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