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University of Toronto, Donnelly Centre


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Regulation of Gene Expression




York University; Biology


York University; Genetics


Postdoctoral; Donnelly Centre; Epigenetics, Proteomics


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Journal Articles
·      Gorelik, M., Orlicky, S., Sartori, M.A., Tang, X., Marcon, E., Kurinov, I., Greenblatt, J.F., Tyers, M., Moffat, J., Sicheri, F., Sidhu, S.S. Inhibition of SCF ubiquitin ligases by engineered ubiquitin variants that target Cul1 binding site on the Skp1-interface. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 113(13):3527-32 (2016).
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Book Chapters

Marcon, E., Smiley, S., Turinsky, A.L., Greenblatt, J. Book Chapter. Networks of Histone Demethylases and their relevance to the regulation of chromatin structure and dynamics. Book Chapter. Springer Press. Systems Analysis of Chromatin-Related Protein Complexes in Cancer. Springer (2014).

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