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BA, Psychology

Institutional Affiliations

Translational Research Program

Institute of Medical Science,

University of Toronto

Division of Adolescent Medicine

The Hospital for Sick Children

Research Interests

Research Focus

My strong background in clinical research stems from my 4+ years at The Hospital for Sick Children as a research coordinator. I have been dedicated to two projects within the Nephrology and Transplant and Regenerative Medicine Departments. Working closely with patients and their families while addressing medication adherence challenges after kidney transplantation exposed me to the diverse needs in the chronic illness population.

I am also interested in rehabilitative science, specifically occupational therapy, which is my chosen topic for the Capstone Project.



Bachelor of Arts, Pyschology McGill University (2006-2010)


Masters of Health Sciences, 2017 (candidate)Translational Research Program, University of Toronto


Project Title

Assessing the implementation of TickiT® during group clinic sessions with adolescent-aged patients with brachial plexus injury from childbirth

Project Description

TickiT® is a simplistic survey tool used throughout SickKids to collect patient- and staff-reported data anonymously on an iPad. Although success has been achieved in its use, an evaluation of the implementation of this tool is needed to identify challenges with its use. To identify issues with TickiT®. This study will specifically focus on adolescent-aged population of patients who have brachial plexus injury from childbirth (BPIC), and analyze the use e-health tools to manage these patients. Eventually this research will allow for a deeper understanding of issues that arise with e-health tool usage and help to provide a framework for the optimal use of TickiT® which could eventually be applied to other medical practices.

Team Members

1.       Jocelyne Copeland

2.       Adam McKillop



Korus M, Cruchley E, Stinson JN, Gold A, Anthony SJ. Usability testing of the internet program: “Teens Taking
Charge: Managing My Transplant Online”. Pediatric Transplantation. 2014, 19, 107-117.

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