Important Policies

The School of Graduate Studies has an extensive list of Policies and Guidelines, including:

  • Courses
  • Ethics and Conduct
    • Student Conduct, Academic and Non-Academic
    • Code of Student Conduct
    • Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters
    • Research Involving Human Subjects
    • Human Rights Statement
    • Sexual Harassment
  • Examinations
  • Financial Support
  • Grading Practices
  • Monitoring PhD Progress
  • Records
  • Research
    • Ethical Conduct in Research
    • Safety in Field Research
    • Research Involving Human Subjects (UofT Policy)
    • Research Involving Human Subjects (SGS Guide)
    • Intellectual Property (also see IMS Intellectual Property guidelines)
    • Inventions
  • Access to Student Academic Records
  • Termination

The Faculty of Medicine hosts a wide variety of research policies and ethics policies.

Governing Council has the ultimate repository of University policies, including the Policy on Official Correspondence with Students

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