TRP & Covid

Ontario’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve. Changes will likely occur as the province and its municipalities adjust to new data about the virus. In these circumstances, please be advised that the manner of delivery of courses, co-curricular opportunities, programs, and services is subject to change, in accordance with university policies. The University thanks its students, faculty, and staff for their flexibility during these challenging times as we work together to maintain the standards of excellence that are the hallmark of the University.

First Year Review : A Student’s Perspective

“One year of TRP done! It’s been busy and eye-opening.” Meet Kathleen Camaya, a...

Hillary’s Testimonial

If you’re interested in medicine and how we get it to reach the patient, then you should...

TRP Students Win Illustrious 2019 PBRI Seed Grant

We are honoured to announce that our students, Agnes Ryzynski, Andrew Wan, and Raja Ravi...

Are you a recent graduate who wants to leave a footprint in the world of healthcare but don’t know how to? Our program, the first of its kind in Canada, is designed for current and aspiring innovators from interprofessional backgrounds. Our students learn creative problem-solving skills, strategies, and competencies to translate scientific knowledge into applications that improve medicine, health, and care. Through course work, team effort, real-world translational challenges, and extensive mentorship & networking; we facilitate self-directed and collaborative “learn by doing.”. Join the Translational Research Program and realise your healthcare potential.

Establish Your Career Trajectory

  • Learn About Health Innovation Landscape
  • Build Your Networks
  • Achieve Personal and Professional Growth


Create & Explore New Opportunities

  • Improve Your Research Thinking
  • Earn Your Degree
  • Be More Persuasive

Expand Your Skills

  • Problem Solving
  • Create New Collaborations
  • Work In Diverse and Multidisciplinary Teams
  • Navigate Uncertainty


Inspiring the next generation of women in STEM: LMP students give their advice

Inspiring the next generation of women in STEM: LMP students give their advice

For International Women in STEM day, Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology, in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine, spoke to students ...

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Black History Month Spotlight: Abimbola Saka

Black History Month Spotlight: Abimbola Saka

"I was born and raised in Nigerian; the Federal Republic of Nigeria Is a sovereign country in West Africa, comprising 36 states, with ...


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Applying scientific knowledge to impact medicine, health and care in our communities and the world.