How many hours a week will I be in class?

  • In the first and second term of the program (24 weeks in total) there are officially approximately 9 in class hours per week (though students have often stayed longer).  These are generally between 1 – 8 pm on Tuesdays and 4-7pm on Thursdays.  Modules and electives are in addition to this but they are scheduled separately.
  • In the second year, students are expected to have two regular monthly meetings: one with the Capstone Course Director and the other student teams, and one with their Project Oversight Committee.
  • Though official class time is 9 hours a week, students are also expected to fully participate in group work outside of class time, as well a co-curricular activities that are organized by the program and students.  The co-curricular component of the program (for example: industry site visits, speaker series, and networking events) are key aspects of the program and provide vital non-structured learning opportunities.  These are scheduled throughout the 2 years with advanced notice.
  • As with other Graduate level programs please note that it is generally expected that for every one (1) hour of contact, you can expect to do 2.5 hours of reading and preparation work on your own.

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