Can I send a scanned copy of my transcripts?

Can I send a scanned copy of my transcripts?

You are required to attached a scanned copy of all your transcripts to the online application form. An official, sealed transcript must also be sent to the TRP/LMP office once you are accepted into the program.

My previous degree is not in Health Science. Can I still apply?

Yes. Translating knowledge into interventions, applications, widgets, policies and other strategies to advance human health requires (almost by definition) people from multiple disciplinary perspectives.  Diverse teams often bring diverse thinking to bear on solutions...

Is prior work experience needed?

No, prior work experience is not required. However, students are encouraged to have a prior understanding of, or interest in, the health care landscape and/or relevant educational or training experience.  The program is structured to build on an a student’s existing...

Do I need a supervisor before starting the program?

No, you do not need a supervisor before starting. First year of the program is mostly course- based. In your second year, once you’ve identified your capstone project, you will get to pick your capstone advisory committee.