Introduction to AI in Healthcare

Course Description:

Artificial Intelligence will transform the way health care is delivered, how disease is diagnosed and treated, how the business of healthcare is managed, and how health research and discovery is conducted in the coming years. Recent focus on the application of artificial intelligence to health and medicine has primarily been on the development of new algorithms and technologies. Capturing value from these algorithms and technologies requires an interdisciplinary approach, engaging health and health science professionals in the design and implementation of the products and services that utilize the algorithms and technologies. In this module students will be introduced to the vocabulary of artificial intelligence, basic concepts for the design of solutions that use AI, key challenges and issues in its implementation in health and medicine and frameworks for identifying opportunities for AI and designing with it.

Learning Objectives:

The vocabulary of AI and the different types of AI, capabilities of various AI technologies, review of sample implementations of AI from within and outside of health care with a focus on design, patterns for operational, commercialization and business model challenges and opportunities, relevant Regulatory and Policy Frameworks, ethics Frameworks and Challenges, and an introduction to designing AI applications and AI enabled experiences that improve health and create health system value.

FCE Weight:

0.25 FCE

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