Overview of Methods in Practices and Contexts

Course Description:

The purpose of this course is to explore the methods through which we acquire and make apparent knowledge in a variety of contexts, from early stakeholder engagement to implementation science. Following the exploration of ‘Ways of Knowing’ and research ethics in part one, the second part of the course will focus on quantitative research methods (emphasizing objective measurements and the statistical, mathematical, or numerical analysis of data collected through polls, questionnaires, and surveys, or by manipulating pre-existing statistical data using computational techniques), with the third part highlighting qualitative research methods (that collect and work with non-numerical data and seek to interpret meaning from these data to understand phenomena through the study of targeted populations or places/settings). The final sessions will look at design and quality improvement approaches alongside data visualization and (knowledge) translation.

Learning Objectives:

(1) An understanding of different research methods, (2) Evaluate and prioritize methods based on needs, and (3) The ability to articulate information needs

FCE Weight:

0.5 FCE

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