As part of The Institute of Medical Science (IMS), TRP is joining the IMS 50th Anniversary celebrations this year. With over 600 faculty and 550 students, IMS was established to foster education and scholarship in the Clinical Departments of the Faculty of Medicine. IMS medical science graduate education is at the forefront of medical scientific discovery, innovation and translation.
The IMS50 Stories initiative celebrates those who have had a remarkable impact on the IMS or been significantly influenced by the IMS throughout the last fifty years. It features first-person accounts from students, alumni, faculty, staff and representatives of IMS programs and initiatives.
This week, Translational Research Program was featured as one of the IMS50 Stories under Programs. You can read about our history here and read below.


Core Team
Joseph Ferenbok, Director
Richard Foty, Assistant Professor
Moni Kim, Program Administrator
Adriana Ieraci, Lead Explorer
Gabriela Chan, Course Director MSC4010
Lucy Osborne, IMS Graduate Coordinator

Years Active in the IMS: 2015 – Present

Impact matters. Generations of researchers have dedicated their lives to understanding health and the human condition. It is however, our collective responsibility to ensure this knowledge is not only published, but applied to improve lives. In 2011 the Institute of Medical Science (IMS), in collaboration with the Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, set forth to develop a 2-year professional master’s program to nurture innovative leaders who can manage the complexities of our changing health care system.
After much consultation with stakeholders, external experts, and co-development with Graduate & Life Sciences Education, a proposal was put forward to the Provost, then the government for review and authorization.  In November 2014, the Masters of of Health Science in Translational Research program (TRP) was approved by the Quality Assurance Council of Ontario in the Ministry of Universities, Colleges and Training. The first cohort of 17 students began in September 2015.
Our collective drive within the TRP is to challenge students to think differently, so they will be inspired to champion change in their own communities. Through active and experiential learning, students expand their perspectives and learn to focus on unmet medical needs; recognize opportunities; communicate clearly and persuasively; lead and collaborate effectively; learn from failure; question assumptions, and; navigate uncertainty.
We are currently in the third year of our program and nearly 60 students have joined our ever-growing network. Our unique learning environment brings together students of diverse professions and disciplines ranging from basic scientists to clinicians, public health workers to policy makers, teachers, lawyers, computer scientists, engineers, patients, advocates and caregivers. They represent the range of players involved our health care system. Together, we share one space to listen and learn from each other, while working towards our common goal to improve the health of people, communities, and populations.
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