Changes to the application process 

Changes to the application process 

Announcement: New changes to the application process

As of May 1st, the Translational Research Program moved administrative home from the Institute of Medical Science to the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology. For those interested in learning about the context of our move, you can read a post by Dr. Joseph Ferenbok here.  The program, delivery of curriculum, and approach does not change.

How does this affect your application process?

For existing applications on the system, you should be able to log in the same way on the SGS website and still access the portal the same way. There is work being done by IT to transfer existing application from IMS to LMP department. However, even if this change is made, you should still be able to access your online application the same way.

For new applications yet to be started
If you have not started your application, you will need to register a profile on the SGS application site and need to select LMTRRMHSC under Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology as your Degree Program of Study (Degree POST).

Full instructions on how to apply are found here.

*A reminder that our final deadline to submit an application to be part of 2019 cohort is June 1st, midnight.

Having trouble with your application?
If you have any trouble accessing the system please contact us directly at 

TRP is hiring for Summer Work-Study positions!

TRP is hiring for Summer Work-Study positions!

The TRP hiring work-study students for the summer term! Find out more about the three positions below.

Job ID 139741 – Communications & Marketing Assistant
The Communications & Marketing Assistant will be an integral part of the Translational Research Program team to assist in the creation and implementation of the graduate program’s communication strategy. The candidate will work collaboratively and independently to create communication materials employing a board range of technical skills and strategic thinking. Working closely with the Program & Partnerships Officer and Program Director, the candidate will design and produce content for the program’s multiple communication platforms including website, social media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn), newsletter, and print materials and optimize audience reach.

Job ID 139745 – Community Events & Recruitment

The Event Planning and/or Marketing Assistant will work closely with the Program and Partnerships Officer to engage the program’s stakeholder community and develop new opportunities to reach prospective students and clinician innovator community.

Duties include: Assisting in all aspects of coordinating, organizing, and marketing of TRP to prospective students and interested stakeholders; coordinating and organizing events including grad fairs, email outreach, booking venues, setting up and preparing promotional materials; preparing promotional materials and distributing to interested student groups, departments, hospitals other relevant health organizations for engagement.

Job ID 140389 – Partnership Research & Engagement Workstudy

The Partnership Research & Engagement Workstudy will work closely with the Program and Partnerships Officer to help in the research and development of strategic relationships with hospitals, community health organizations and health innovation industry. The candidate would be aiding the cultivation and sustainability of organizational relationships by supporting the development and maintenance of outreach and partnership materials and affiliations in line with the program’s strategic priorities and initiatives.  The candidate will assist with research on potential partners and help identify key contacts;
help maintain current partners and explore new ways to grow the partnerships; support the implementation of a systematic, process-driven approach to partner outreach and relationship management; identify and source partnership opportunities through inbound lead follow-up and outbound communications strategies, and build the organizational network through targeted outreach and planning.


You can find out more about the positions and qualifications for each job on the Career Learning Network (  Log in with your UTOR ID then click Jobs → Work Study and search for the position by the Job ID number provided above. Instructions for applying are located in each position’s posting.

Please make sure you have a tailored cover letter (the Career Centre can help with this!)

The deadline to apply is 11:59pm on May 17, 2019. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

Administrative Move

Administrative Move

Throughout its history, the Institute of Medical Science (IMS) at the Faculty of Medicine has developed a tradition of incubating new multidisciplinary programs. In 2011, the IMS stepped forward to explore and develop a graduate program in translational research. After much consultation, a proposal was put forward and approved and the first cohort of 17 students began in September 2015.

In October 2018, the TRP had an external review. The reviewers noted that “There is no question in the reviewers’ minds as to the value, uniqueness and innovation of this exciting and visionary program. In every meeting concerning this new program, there was high energy, and positivity regarding its format, content…” Then they noted that the TRP, “would never have flown without the immense efforts of the IMS director and his support, thus all future success of the MHsc program will reflect strongly back to the IMS program due to its generosity in providing a nurturing environment for its beginnings.” But they also noted that the apparent growth and trajectory requires more strategic thinking about faculty development, evaluation and retention; and that “a new and more appropriate administrative home” will need to be found.

Responding to this feedback, Dean Young has decided that the Translational Research Program (TRP) will move its administrative home to the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology no later than July 1st, 2019.
The move marks a major milestone for the IMS and the TRP. It marks the successful initiation and incubation of a new innovative multidisciplinary program. It marks the effective implementation of a new curriculum and a significant contribution by the IMS to the training of professionals in a burgeoning field of inquiry; and it will provide the TRP with the opportunities for greater capacity for faculty development, review and promotion.

However, this milestone will not mark the end of the program’s relationship with the IMS. The TRP faculty will remain cross-appointed to the IMS, TRP students will continue to be engaged with IMSSA and other co-curricular programming at IMS, and students from TRP and IMS will have continued access to modules from across the academic units. In fact, this is an opportunity to bring another department into our family, to become more engaged with more researchers and students, and to build new bridges and establish new collaborations moving forward—at the end of the day, we all remain part of one Faculty, and we all remain dedicated to training and research that will advance improved medicine, health and care.

“We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”
– Joseph Campbell

A Transformative Education

A Transformative Education

At the TRP our goal is not to teach. Our goal is not to lecture or have you memorize some datum likely to change before you finish your degree, or that a search engine can find faster than you can formulate the question.

The TRP is a community and a mindset of people who are resources, facilitators, mentors, peers, guides and catalysts whose aim is to help those, who are looking to learn, to explore, to push the boundaries of their experience to seek knowledge.

The TRP is not intended to be divided as a degree of teacher-task-masters and students–those who know one truth and those hoping to memorize that truth. Instead, the program strives to be a community of people motivated to learn, to seek knowledge, to help others to be more and do more. In this community, the focus is not on the content but on understanding the processes, the mechanisms of creative problem-solving and innovation.

Students learn alongside the faculty–we learn together and from each other. We learn from real-world contexts and from failure–not from arbitrary grades or standardized testing–because our collective goals are not to pass a test or earn a grade but to improve lives, to learn to champion change that will improve the lives of others.

Now, we are starting to seek people join our 2019 cohort. Those motivated to learn, those seeking to move beyond their comfort zones, to challenge ambiguity, who want to focus on the processes of innovating of generating new ideas and championing change for positive impact are the kindred spirits we seek–these are the people we seek to join our ranks.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in a different kind of graduate program, who is motivated to learn by doing and is seeking a transformative education, then we need to talk. Come to an information session, read the website, arrange a consultation with someone from our team.

One day soon, we, trainees, mentors, facilitators, students, residents, PI’s, researchers, clinicians, healthcare professionals, and many others, will form a global network of professional translators, who think globally but work locally to improve the health and well-being of people in our communities. And together we will transform health, care and medicine.

Join us.

Fare Thee Well

Fare Thee Well

To the Graduates of the second TRP Cohort,

I wish to say that I hope you will never be too far away.

When you started the program, we kept telling you that this was not intended to be a typical masters experience.  That we wanted you to concern yourselves with learning to learn, learning to listen and learning to lead where your passions drove you.  We repeated many times that you had a home at the TRP and that you were part of a growing community.  It is my hope that you found those words to resonate during your degrees, and it is my wish that they continue to resonate with you as you move forward on your personal journeys.

I have always believed that grad school should be about personal growth, about personal development, about challenging yourself to be more of who you want to be and then applying those lessons to improve your life and the lives of others.  I hope that this is what you learned while at the TRP and I hope that this is what you will continue to learn as you return to the TRP.  You should always remember that you are a part of the community and that you will always have a role in it.

I hope to see you leading case-studies, consulting on new challenges with future students, sharing your insights and curiosity with those who are yet to be, TRP.  Moving forward, our strength is in our community, our networks and our family.  You will always have a safe space here, you just need to take the time to come back.


Entrance Scholarship Announcement

Entrance Scholarship Announcement


We are pleased to announce entrance awards of $5,000 will be awarded to four students entering TRP masters program for fall 2018.   All applicants who have completed their online application on or before April 302018 and have been admitted into the program will automatically be considered for one of four awards.


  • Applicants must have completed their online application visa the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) Application system on or before April 30th, 2018 and supporting documentation must be submitted by May 15, 2018;
  • Selection will be based on a combination of merit and need;
  • The funds will be applied towards tuition;
  • Recipients must be registered to start the program in September 2018; and

Award recipients will be informed in writing when the 2018 admission process has been completed and funds will be disbursed after the official registration deadline.

*Note: Students who have already completed their applications (by the early deadline) will also be considered for these awards.