As one of the first graduates of the TRP, Tiffanie Kei shares about her learnings from her group’s Capstone Project to address wait times for U of T’s Health and Wellness Clinic’s service provision to university students. Read full interview here.

How can we improve the delivery of mental health services for students?

That was the question Tiffanie Kei and her colleagues asked as they began their “capstone project” in the University of Toronto’s Translational Research Program, a new master’s degree that encourages students to apply scientific discoveries for better human health.

At first, Kei and her colleagues thought they would try to address wait times for those services on university campuses. But after talking with students and staff at U of T’s Health and Wellness Clinic, they made a surprising discovery: digital communications from that clinic might improve the patient experience even before a first appointment.

Kei will graduate with her master’s degree on June 14. She spoke with Faculty of Medicine writer Jim Oldfield from Trois Rivieres in Quebec, where she was doing a five-week French-immersion program.



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