The Translation Research Program (TRP) is a cohort-based program where student interaction and contributions play a significant role in the learning experience.  To promote a range of ideas and perspectives we try to select a diverse interprofessional and multidisciplinary group of collaborative students who want to be challenged.  However, since we have two admission intake deadlines (February and June), and only one program start time (September), it means that sometimes well qualified people are put on a waiting list when the 25-30 spots are filled up before the program starts.  This is one reason we encourage people to start applying early.  But there are others.

Staring this year, people who are accepted into the program during the early intake will be eligible to take modules during the summer that will be counted towards their program requirements.  Some of the modules offered during the summer in the past have included: Leadership, Translational Thinking, Project Management, Health Economics and Privacy, Regulatory and Procurement.  This is intended to help students gain exposure to relevant topics and ease into the program while fulfilling some of your module requirements in MSC 4010.

Another reason to consider applying for the early review is that if you are made an offer of admission it gives more time for us to work with you to understand your individual development goals.  Since the TRP is intended to challenge you to think differently about your role, skills and purpose, knowing early that you intend to participate in the program gives you a chance to plan your finances, objects and provides opportunities to participate in TRP activities and get to know other prospective members of the incoming cohort.

Our goal is to challenge you to think differently so that you may champion change in your life and the lives of others by improving health and care.

Join us.

By: Dr Joseph Ferenbok, TRP Director


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