Are you wondering what a capstone presentation looks like?  The TRP has had our first capstone defence!  We have asked our first graduates to present their project, Timely, publicly, and you are invited!

Timely Project – Providing UofT students with timely access to professional mental health support

Mental health conditions are rising each year in post-secondary students in Canada and Ontario. Specifically, at The University of Toronto, there are 10-15% more students each year requiring assistance with emotional experiences related to stress and anxiety at their Health; Wellness centre, yet the wait times for access to mental health resources are often lengthy. This project hopes to provide the Health and Wellness services at U of T with a deeper understanding of patient issues which will eventually lead to a reduced burden on the health care system as well as improving access to students who have mental health needs, and who knows this could even be a friend of yours.

When: May 4th 2017 – 3pm
Where: 263 McCaul St., Rm 120 (First Floor)

Student profiles:

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