“TRP has revolutionized my thinking” – Clyde Matava, Anesthesiologist

TRP student, Clyde Matava, shares about how the Translational Research Program his catalyzed his professional development in innovating new technologies to deliver and improve patient care and safety.

​MHSc Student, Translational Research in the Health Sciences

I am a practicing anesthesiologist, pursuing a master’s degree in the Institute of Medical Science’s translational research program (TRP).

For the longest time, in addition to daily practice, I have had an interest in technological medical innovations and inventions.  My job focuses on using and developing new technologies for delivering and improving patient care and safety.  The translational paradigm of the TRP has revolutionized my thinking in this regard.

A key feature of the program has been to bring together faculty and students with thinkers whose expertise lies outside of my own areas of specialization.  These have ranged from patent lawyers and designers to policy makers and experts in numerous other areas I typically do not interface with.

It has been wonderful working with Steve Szigeti, for example, who has changed my view of the innovation process from a predominantly biophysical model to include design thinking and user-experience testing in order to maximize function and acceptability of innovations.

Many of the mentors in the program are at the top of their game and have been a valuable resource.  The ability to make meaningful connections with faculty, mentors and peers is second to none.  This has allowed me to develop professionally and personally.

I am now in the process of applying to patent a new airway management device.  The TRP program here at U of T has been outstanding in preparing me for this process.

Source: School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto

Dr. Clyde Matava is the Director of Innovation, Informatics and Technology, Department of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, The Hospital for Sick Children. His research interests are in the area of technological innovation of apps and software that to enhance medical education.  He is currently focusing on the factors that influence knowledge translation and technologies to improve both medical education and patient outcomes. Dr. Matava is the creator of the PediPain App, a bedside decision-tool for the management of pain in children.  Recently, he has also worked on the use of additive manufacturing from imaging methods and 3D modeling and printing for the management of difficult airways in pediatric patients.
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