Ch-ch-ch Changes!

Layout 1The Faculty of Medicine has approved our proposed changes to the Translational Research Program!  The changes were based on the feedback and recommendations from students in our first cohort.

Students felt the the MSC 1000: Foundations in Translational Research course was not long enough, and that more time was required to engage in more depth with concepts around Translation.  Students also felt that KMD 1000: Foundations in Knowledge Media Design should be optional rather than a program requirment.  Students felt that the focus on research methods in the course was not required for all students in the TRP.

So, officially, as of September 1, 2016, KMD 1000 will be a selective course, while MSC 1000 will be expanded from a half course to a full credit course.  This change will not have significant impact on the program learning outcomes since MSC 2021: Capstone Prep already has some overlap with KMD1000 and can be augmented to include more rigor in those areas.

The main point is that the program is being improved in response to the feedback our students are providing–which affirms TRP’s committements to being responsive and student driven.


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