Approved Electives

Below is a list of approved electives for students in the Translational Research Program, as per the SGS Calendar.  Not all courses are offered each year, check the departmental website for course availability.

​HAD 5735H​ Commercialization of Health Research​
​HAD 5765H​ Case Studies in Health Policy​
JCV 3060H ​Advanced Topics in Car​diovascular Sciences—Molecular Biology and Heart Signal Transduction​
​JFK 1120H Selected Topics in Drug Development I​
​JFK 1121H Selected Topics in Drug Development II​
​JNP 1014Y Interdisciplinary Pharmacology​
​JNP 1017H Current Topics in Molecular and Biochemical Toxicology​
​LMP 1013H Neoplasia​
​LMP 1018H ​Molecular Biology and Applications to Human Disease
​​LMP 1404H ​Molecular and Cellular Mechanism of Disease
​LMP 1407H​ Introductory Biostatistics and Clinical Investigation​
​LMP 1525H The Role of Genomics in the Era of Personalized Medicine​
​MSC 10​40H​ Physiologic Basis of Disease​
​​MSC 10​51H ​Research Bioethics
​MSC 10​85H​ Molecular Approaches to Mental Health and Addictions​
​MSC 10​89H The Biopsychosocial Basis of Mental Health Addictive Disorders
​MSC 10​90H​ Introduction to Clinical Biostatistics​
​MSC 2010Y​ Advanced Concepts in Human Genetic Disease​
​MSC 4001H Foundations in Resuscitation Science Research​
​MSC 7000Y​ Regenerative Medicine (Webcast)​
​MSC 8000Y​​ ​Transdisciplinary Studies in Infectious Disease (Hepatitis C)
​PSL 1022H ​Reproductive and Developmental Medicine
​PSL 1048H Translational Physiology: From Molecules to Model Systems to​ the Clinic​
​PSL 1068H ​Advanced Topics: Molecular Basis of Behaviour
​PSL 1071H ​Advanced Topics: Computational Neuroscience
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