TR Talks: Rapid Approvals – COVID Pivots, Models and Sustainability

November 3, 2020

Rapid Approvals - COVID Pivots, Models and Sustainability

Date: November 3, 2020


5:00 pm  – 7:00 pm

The regulatory runways for translating research into commercialization have been the subject of many debates. Priorities and trade-offs based on costs, timelines, and safety considerations have created significant differences across jurisdictions and application domains.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen countless examples of expedited approvals and implementations of innovations from proof-of-concept to product proving that rapid innovation and expedited go to market strategies are possible. What are the lessons that we can take from the current situation to improve our translational pathways to ensure effective, safe, and timely commercialization of health innovations?

Join TR talks this week to discuss the benefits and shortcomings of pathways, pivots, successes, and failures of go-to-market strategies during COVID. What should we keep in a post-COVID world?

Location: Zoom

Paul Santerre, PhD, PEng

Health Technology & Commercialization (UHN)
Professor Baxter Chair


Cheryl Reicin,

Partner at Torys LLP | Chair of Life Sciences Practice


David O’Neill, PhD

President | FACIT


Gail Garland,

Chief Executive Officer, Ontario Bioscience Innovation Organization - OBIO