TR Talks: Ethics & Patients in Research

October 6, 2020

Ethics & Patients in Research

Date: October 6, 2020


5:00 pm  – 7:00 pm

A defining characteristic of translational research is collaboration is an important aspect of health science innovation. When trying to improve people’s health, we need to work with the peoples’ whose health we’re trying to improve. Although this seems self-evident and simple, it is not done as often as it should. How do we do better?

Join TR talks this week as we discuss the nature of effective collaboration with patients, in translational research and the barriers to making it a reality.

Location: Zoom

Serena Thompson,

Sickle Cell Association of Ontario
Vice President | Sickle Cell Association of Ontario


Andrew McFayden,

Executive Director | The ISAAC Foundation


Pat Furlong,

Founding President & CEO | Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy


Ron Beleno,

Supportive Translator, Dementia Caregiver Advocate