Student Profile – Sydney Taylor

#UofTMed TRP Student Profile – Sydney Taylor

Sydney Taylor
MHSc Translational Research Candidate, 2nd year
Why Faculty of Medicine?
I have always had an interest in medicine and healthcare. The Faculty of Medicine at UofT offers an array of programs that best suit my graduate needs and provides support for me to further develop my professional skills. Two of the largest influencing factors for me were the reputation of the university and the numerous opportunities for collaboration amongst the students within the faculty. 

Why the Translational Research Program?
After completing my Bachelor of Kinesiology, I knew that I wanted more control over the direction of my graduate degree. The TRP provides us with the tools we need to develop and complete a collaborative capstone project, as well as challenges us to approach problems within health care differently. We are exposed to the numerous facets within the health care ecosystem, which provides me with the ability to further develop areas of interest and increase my understanding of how the system can be changed.
Current Research Experience
Four months as a research analyst at the Toronto General Research Institute and previous four months inputting patient data during a student work term placement at a biomechanics lab.
Future Education Plans and/or Career Goals
One of the main reasons I applied for the TRP was to pursue my passion regarding women’s reproductive health. Upon completing my graduate degree, I will continue to pursue opportunities within this space. My personal experiences combined with the learnings from the program have increased my awareness of the current gaps within this field and the possibilities to address these gaps. My overall goal is to improve the experience of women during their reproductive years.