2021 Orientation Spotlight: Fireside Chat with Jamie L. Block
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MHSc in Translational Research

In September 2021, we held our Fall orientation, complete with hands-on activities in an engaging virtual format. Throughout the sessions, our new batch of translational researchers had a chance to engage with the faculty, the TPR community, and their peers. Providing a balance of both academic and social integration, our online orientation was designed to help familiarize students with the program.

We spoke to a few students about orientation week to better understand how helpful these virtual events were in giving them the best possible start to their TRP experience. This fireside chat features Jamie L. Block a recent graduate from Western University and an advocate for using the biopsychosocial approach in healthcare.

His passion for bringing change to the world is reflected in his unique interest in medicine, healthcare, and all things science. He has a particular interest in the genetics of psychiatric disorders and behavioural genetics in general.

“At the end of the day, the institution of science has changed so much in the past 20 years, to the point where to some degree it has lost its purpose. I believe the TRP is trying hard to restore that purpose and I’m happy to be a part of it.”

Looking forward, Jamie hopes to work with children on the autism spectrum in a medical context and partake in research that focuses on the understanding of the human mind and the anomalies that present themselves in such research.

Check out this fireside chat to learn more about Jamie, his aspirations, why he chose the TRP, and how he hopes to shift the paradigm of the patient-doctor relationship as we know it.